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Any visitors who enter Korea needs to have a visa whether his/her purpose of entry is to work, travel or study. A visa is affixed to the passport. However, having a visa does not necessarily mean anyone with a visa can enter the Republic of Korea. In Korea, a visa indicates a consul’s recommended action for a foreigner’s entry. Thus, during the entry inspection, if immigration officers find a foreigner does not meet the requirements of entry, the foreigner’s entry can be rejected at discretion.

Types of Visa:

1. Single entry visa

Only once you can enter to Korea and this visa is valid for three months from the date of issue.

2. Multiple entry visa

An individual can enter multiple times with this visa status. Usually students get three months recommendation for entry permission that can be rejected by the immigration officer at the time of port entry if there anything doesn’t meet the requirements.

Visa type according to stay:

1. Diplomacy/Official Visa
Diplomacy (A-1), Official Mission (A-2), Agreements (A-3)
2. Employment Visa
Temporary Employment (C-4), Professor (E-1), Foreign Language Teaching (E-2), Research (E- 3), Technological Guidance (E-4), Profession (E- 5), Arts/Entertainment (E-6), Specially Designated Activities (E-7), Non-professional Employment (E-9), Labor aboard (E-10), Working Holiday (H-1)
3. Voluntary Short Term Visa
Temporary Press Coverage (C-1), Temporary Business (C-2), Temporary Visiting(C-3)
4. Long Term Visa
Culture/Arts (D-1), Study (D-2), Industrial Training (D-3), General Training (D-4), Press Coverage (D-5), Religious Works (D-6), Intra- Company Transfer (D-7), Treaty Investment (D- 8), Treaty Trade (D-9), Visit & Stay with Family (F-1), Residency (F-2), Family Dependency (F-3), Overseas Koreans (F-4), Permanent Residence(F-5), Others (G-1)

There are some other categories of visa introduced by the Korean Government as per their revised policy
Visa/Certificate of alien registration issuance procedure
Usually any local immigration office issues the certificate of alien registration with a valid period mention on the 2nd page of the registration card.
Prior to the certificate of alien registration issuance, the competent Immigration Office or its branch office (only Ulsan/ Donghae Branch) can conduct preliminary inspection on applications of a foreigner entering Korea and a domestic inviter and issue a certificate for recognition of visa issuance. This is some exception case that conducted time to time by the immigration office for the transference of the valid transition process for foreigners.

Documents to submit

1. A valid passport
2. Visa issuance application
3. Required documents for each status of stay. The information is available on the Korea Immigration site or Hi Korea site.

Alien registration card issuance need 1 week to a month depending on the official procedure. Reissuance of the alien registration card is needed before the end of the valid period is over.

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