Vision & Mission


  • To improve the interrelation among the Bangladeshi Students.
  • To help each other in need.
  • To help the perspective Bangladeshi students who is willing to study in Korea.
  • To help Bangladeshi Students understand Korean culture and languages.
  • To increase number of Bangladeshi and Korean exchange students through co-operation.
  • To improve relationship between Bangladeshi and Korean students exchanging cultural views.
  • Overall Bangladeshi image development.


  • To arrange some events in every semester for collective amusements and refreshments to heal upon the alienation.
  • To organize some activities on the national events and as well as religious events of both Bangladesh and South Korea.
  • To arrange seminar, symposium, or job fair and thus create job opportunities for Bangladeshi students in Korea.
  • To promote Bangladeshi culture in Korean society.
  • To publish newsletter and/ or magazine.
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