• Korean Government Scholarship Program

The National Institute for International Education (NIIED) under the Ministry of Education, Science, and Technology of the Republic of Korea will invite nationals of Bangladesh every year. Read more


The POSCO Asia Fellowship is a scholarship program designed to invite promising Asian graduate students to the Masters Program at Korean universities. Read more

  •  Semyung university scholarship

*Only undergraduate

Hi for those who are interested in studying undergraduate in Korea this might be your chance. Just saw this posted on one of my groups’ wall so might share it to my readers too ^^ There is an application form but sad enough I couldn’t see any downloadable link for it so please just e-mail the school directly. Read more


  • KOICA Scholarship- Korea University GSIS:

Here’s another scholarship you might be interested ^^ It’s offered by KOICA and one of Korea’s best universities, Korea University. Read more


  • Kyung Hee University GIPS Scholarship:

Admission Guide for International Applicants at The Graduate Institute of Peace Studies, Kyung Hee University

Read more
  • Jungseok International scholarship at Inha University

The graduate school provides various kinds of scholarships to graduate students. Qualified students are allowed to receive Jungseok International scholarship covering either full or half of the tuition. In addition to this, international students can also receive additional support through various kinds of assistantships. Read more


  • Art Major Asian Full Scholarship:

If you have plans of studying here in Korea and your major or interest is arts, maybe you should try this scholarship. I’ve been to K’Arts to watch my friend’s shows and also meet friends who are studying at that school. It’s a good school!! Art Major Asian Full Scholarship!! Read more


  • HANSAE Scholarship for foreign students

A Korean major sewing company, Hansae Co., Ltd., is offering a scholarship opportunity for graduate international students from Asia. Read more


  • KDI Scholarships

KDI scholarship has four different types of scholarships which are listed bellow: Read more


  • AKS Fellowship

Read more


  • Master of Arts in Inter-Asia NGO Studies (MAINS):

The program of Master of Arts in Inter-Asia NGO Studies started in 2007. Its multidisciplinary curriculum and combination of academic and practical teaching is unique in the field of studies on social changes, non-governmental organizations and civil society. MAINS is offered by SungKongHoe University in collaboration with such institutions as the ARENA. Read more

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