In Korea, There are a lot of scholarship provided by Korean government or various organizations, companies and universities. Such as KGSP, POSCO, SU, KOICA-KU GSIS, KHU GIPS, IU-JIS, AMA, HANSAE, KDI, AKS and MAINS. You can have details information about these scholarships here. Beside these each Korean University has own financed scholarships and scholarship policy. So, it is advised that Do NOT think that these are all about scholarship in South Korea mentioned there and so it is requested to go through each university’s web-site to get more scholarship-info. Also some professors provide funding for students, in that case you can contact through the professors / research team websites.


Here is some general information about the semester and scholarship documents needed to apply for scholarships in South Korea:

There are 2 semesters in Korea.

Spring Semester( March 1 to June 20)

Document submission : Within September/October
Admission confirmed: November/December
Admission letter and Visa Issuance Letter will reach to you: December/January

Fall semester ( September 1 to December 20)

Document submission: Within March/April
Admission confirmed: April/May
Admission letter and Visa Issuance Letter will reach: June/July

So, you should prepare yourself before document submission date.

There are some common requirements in Korea:

1. Application Form (University provided/ online application)
2. Self Introduction
3. Study Plan/ Research Plan
4. Letter of Recommendation (one or two)
5. Official original Certificate of previously attended undergraduate/graduate institution(s)
6. Official transcript of previously attended undergraduate/graduate institution(s)
7. Certificate of TOPIK score (original copy-if available)
8. Certificate of TOEFL or IELTS score (original copy)
9. Published papers, if available (one or two)
10. Awards, if available (one or two)
11. Copy of passport
12. Certificate of Citizenship of His/ Her Parents : birth certificate, passport
13. Resume/ CV
14. Photo (2/3 copies)
15. Certificate of Bank Account: More than USD 10,000 deposited more than 1 month (In this case, you should contact with professor earlier)

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